Types of Do it Yourself Chicken Feeders

If you want to raise chickens you are going to need a feeder.

There are a number of types of feeders you can use, and of course chickens love to forage as well.

If you do not have time to spread out feed every day, then a do-it-yourself automatic feeder is an option. There are different types of chicken feeders that can be made out of simple materials often for just a few dollars. These can work for just a few birds or be expanded to provide for a hug flock, the choice is yours.

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The most common method for feeding several to several dozen chickens is the PVC pipe feeder.

You can easily expand this with a larger bin for additional storage, and make the feeding pipe longer for more birds. The base form is two 4 foot pipe sections connected with an elbow into a 90 degree angle. The pipe on the ground should have a hole cut in it for access on the top, and the ends capped.

Another method is the bucket feeder. This one uses a five gallon bucket and a 20 inch base pan (you can use a planter base, or another type of edged pan). On the base of the bucket you need to drill holes 2 inches apart that are big enough for the feed to slip through.

Then bolt this to the 20 inch pan. Fill the bucket with feed and put the lid back on. You can make this type of feeder on a smaller scale using a coffee can and pie tin if you only have a few birds to feed.

There are considerations for feeding small chicks, and for them getting smaller chick feeders, or making one is an idea. These typically have a low side so that chicks to 6 weeks can reach the chick crumb easily. Typically these are in a trough form. Of course making larger trough feeders for the mature birds is also an option.

These can be gravity fed from a hopper or manually filled when eggs are collected in the morning.

Even if you are inspired by commercial chicken feeders here are ways to mimic them. Large plastic jars can be modified and have funnels added to them to make something very similar to store bough plastic feeders. As long as the birds have access and the feed it kept dry the goal is accomplished.


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