Small Chicken Coop

Just because you live in the city or have a small yard does not mean you cannot still have a small chicken coop.

You just have to size up your space, check with the zoning laws, decide how many chickens your small space can comfortably handle and start building…

Even if you have a big back yard or live in the country you can still opt to only have a small chicken coop plans…This is especially true of small families who only want a few laying hens and do not want to spend a lot of money.

It is also true of families on a tight budget that are trying to save money on the grocery bill by growing their own food. If you have been scouring the internet day and night trying to find plans, designs, ways to build and reasons to build a chicken coop, you have finally come to the Right place.

It is recommended that you read the entire article because in the following paragraphs you are going to learn that everything you have been looking for can be found right here.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please Read This First!

As stated from the beginning, it is important that you find out the zoning laws in your area. Especially if you live in the city or a neighborhood.

If you have young children who are looking forward to having chickens, it would be very sad indeed if you purchased the plans and went through the effort of building the coop only to have the law knock on your door and inform you the zoning laws do not allow farm animals in your area. So, get this out of the way first.

Same thing goes if you live an a place where there is a neighborhood association.

Be sure to check with them first to make sure they allow farm animals in that particular neighborhood. Also talk to your neighbors, even if you do not have a neighborhood association, and tell them about your plans.

Let them know you will not have a noisy rooster and that you will keep the chicken as far from their homes as possible…

Then I Just Happened To Stumble Upon The Perfect Solution!

No doubt, you have found and probably been disappointed by designs and plans you have found for free on the internet and you are probably about ready to give up. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for.”?

It is true, believe me I know! If you find something that is free for the taking, chances are good it is not worth the time it takes you to print it out, or the ink…

I understand because I have been there and done that. I was so thankful I stumbled upon this amazing site, run by Bill Keene, with everything I could possible need to build my chicken coop.

There has already been a LOT of people who have purchased and used these designs and plans to their delight including me, so why shouldn’t you?

But, don’t go running over to the page yet, read on and find some tips as well as other amazing things that you will get.

Personal Tip #1: Materials Selection.

It is the most important to choose the right material for your chicken coop. The right material does NOT include any type of wood that has been treated.

If you want your coop to be mobile, you will need to choose a light wood like pine or cedar. Oak is heavy and is good for coops that will be stationary.

Cedar is best because it smells good, is lightweight and will help keep bugs away. If you choose pine, that is good too because the chickens will eat any bugs that come around.

Personal Tip #2: Ventilation and Cleanliness.

Chickens need good ventilation, period. Consider this especially in the summer when it is hot and make sure you put an exhaust fan in one window, and at the other end of the coop, put an intake fan.

Also, make sure you put your coop in a shady area because chickens love shade. Additionally, make sure to clean you coop once per week depending on how many chickens you have.

This will not only keep the smell down, it will also keep your chickens healthy…

Next Step: Find Out More!

Hopefully you have learned a lot of useful information here. Between the useful tips and telling you about the two amazing sites I found, you should be just about ready to go and get your plans and start building your small chicken coop.


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