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If you are thinking about building a large chicken coop, you have come to the right place. By the time you finish reading this, you will know you have found the best place on the internet to find large chicken coop plans…

I suggest you read the entire page so as to ensure you do not miss any important information and a couple of tips.

By the end of the page, you will know where to go get the best plans and what all comes with them.

It will not matter what size chicken coop you are thinking about building, these plans will not let you down like, no doubt, so many others probably have.

Read This First!

One of the worst mistakes many people make is they fail, or forget to check the zoning laws in your area as well as any neighborhood restrictions that might be in place.

You would not want to spend the time and effort, not to mention money to build a nice large chicken coop only to find out the zoning laws will not allow farm animals in your area…Or, find out the neighborhood association does not allow farm animals.

If you have children, think how upset they would be to have to get rid of their pet chickens.

Another mistake people make is building a chicken coop that is too big for the allotted space or one that is too small for the amounts of chicken you want to get.

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You should first decide how many chickens you want to have, then decide how big to build the coop.

The best way to increase egg productions is to give your chickens plenty of room so if you are planning to have more than 3 or 4 chickens, a large chicken coop is the best bet.

No doubt it has been very frustrating for you to find a reliable place on the internet to get good chicken coop designs.

I know, I have been right where you are; pulling my hair out by the roots every time I spend money, download the plans only to find they are junk.

My kids were not very happy either, because their hopes got built up only to come crashing down again when the plans were unreadable, or did not make sense, or did not have enough instruction, or….. you are probably having deja voo about now!

Thank Goodness I Finally Stumbled Upon The Perfect Solution!

Finally, after a huge amount of frustration and months of scouring the internet, I found two the most awesome pages that had exactly what I had been looking for the whole time…

The two places that offer the best selection of chicken coop plans:

1. Building a Chicken Coop

2. Chicken Coop Guides

The first thing I did was throw my hands up and shout to the heavens, ‘why were you hiding for so long?!?!’ This incredible page not only had everything I was looking for, it had a LOT more than I expected.

All I can say is that Bill Keene has got to be the worlds expert in building a chicken coop! And it shows too by the huge amount of people who have already purchased his plans.

Personal Tip #1: Build For The Future.

I had decided that since I had so much room, I would build a large chicken coop and start out with 5 hens leaving room to add a couple of hens in the future.

The large chicken coop plans that was included in the package I got from Bill were perfect and allowed me to easily build the entire coop. They even include instructions on building the next boxes!

It is important that the hens have room to move even if you add more later. Whether you have children or not, it is smart to build a bigger coop than you need right then because chickens are so much fun and rewarding that you will probably want to add a few more to the house.

Personal Tip #2: Chicken Coop Features

You will want your hens to be happy in their new home, especially if they are laying hens so consider adding a few features to your chicken coop.

Whether you live in the country or in an urban neighborhood, consider aesthetics to make the coop attractive to yourself, the neighbors and even the chickens.

Another feature you should add to the coop is roosts… Roosts do not have to be fancy, just functional.

They need to be about 4 to 5 feet off the ground and can be comprised of an old ladder fastened at an angle to the wall, tree limbs fastened to the wall with a rope on either end or plant hangers; use your imagination and your hens will love you for it.

How To Find Out More

First I want to thank you for reading down this far, but it is not quite over yet because now you are probably wishing I would tell you how to find out more…

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Not only will you get large chicken coop plans that are very detailed, but also plans for small and medium sizes coops, 4 additional books related to chicken coop building, 4 more books related to organic gardening, a book all about building a chicken coop and a 60 day risk free trial.

(All this is downloadable PDF files that allow you to print out just what you need and it all adds up to a $176 value, but you can get it today for less than $30 bucks and believe me, it is well worth every penny.)


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