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When looking for chicken coop plans one reviewer caught my eye. His name is David Hess. I do not know much about Mr Hess, but his review was short and sweet.

It read “The chicken coop plans I got from you were great! They were easy to follow and the coop turned out to be the envy of all of my friends. I love my new hobby. Thanks so much for giving me every thing you promised.”

Now I do not know about you, but when someone says they love their new hobby that catches my attention. Someone new to chicken farming who has set up a coop to raise chickens who finds they enjoy doing it is inspiring. So what exactly has Mr Hess stumbled across?

Chickens are lovely animals, this much it true. They are fairly smart birds with simple needs. They are easy to take care of and can reduce insect pests in your yard. When combined with organic gardening they can benefit your family by reducing pesticide use and provide eggs.

Of course getting these benefits means taking care of the birds and making sure they are healthy and secure. A chicken coop is the ideal structure for this. Going back to Mr Hess’s review he says “I had to modify some of the plans because as you can see (referencing a picture) I put a different window in it.

It was the only one I could find on the net cheep. It was $20.00…” now that is a far cry from paying $500 to $1000 dollars for a manufactured coop. Clearly this is on happy birder (and said picture shows a very well build gray and white coop with recycled windows, another benefit to using plans is recycling).

Now I do not know about you, but since my reasons for wanting to raise chickens centers on benefiting my garden, my food production for my family, and my environment, getting enjoyment from it had not even crossed my mind.

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I have raised other birds before, Turkeys, parrots, and songbirds, and enjoyed them greatly. David Hessin his “ I love my new hobby” just cemented another reason for wanting to raise these birds. Finding good coop plans for a great price just makes the idea sweeter. Taking a look at the plans he used, those found in David White’s Chicken Coop Guide, I think will be my next step.

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