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If you are one of those people who has been looking high and low and all over the internet for chicken coop plans, I am very happy to tell you, you have come to the right place…

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IMPORTANT: Read First!

The first and most important thing you must do before you go through with getting chicken coop designs and before you even go look at chickens to buy is to get in touch with the county extension agent and make sure your area is zoned for farm animals.

This is especially important if you live in a rural area, close to the city, or in the city.

Also, if you live in a neighborhood where there is a neighborhood association you should also contact them and make sure having a chicken coop is allowed.

If you live in a neighborhood where your neighbors are close by, you might speak with them about your plans, especially if you are planning to have a rooster.

If you live out in the country, with neighbors far away, this of course will not be a problem. The main thing is to check the zoning laws for your area first.

No doubt by now, after having scoured the internet for chicken coop plans, you have found many, some even free and downloaded them only to be disappointed by what you got.

Most plans are incomplete and most do not even have photos or diagrams. I know, I understand, same thing happened to me so I know how you feel.

I cannot count how many coop plans I bought and downloaded for free only to find they were all just a pile of junk.

Half of them did not have diagrams, most did not have any tips, most did not even have a materials list!

How frustrated was I! Then I finally landed on this page I will be telling you about a little further down. First I would like to offer you a couple of personal tips.

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Personal Tip #1: Proper Ventilation

It is essential that your chickens can breath and get fresh air and the only way for that to happen is for you to make sure there is plenty of ventilation… One way to make sure is by adding an exhaust fan on one end of the coop and an intake fan on the other end of the coop.

That will pull fresh air through the coop and the chickens can breath fresh air instead of stale air filled with the odor of their own poo.

Keeping the coop clean will also ensure your chickens have fresh air… Another way to get plenty of air into the coop is by building a chicken run and having both a wire top and a roof that can be removed.

Personal Tip #2: Predator Protection

No matter what size Chicken coop you are building, make sure it is secured against attacks by predators.

Predators of chickens come in all shapes and sizes and from up above and ground level.They can come anytime during the day or night whether you are at home or not.

The best way to protect your chickens from predators is by using good strong wire like hardware cloth and either making a bottom for the coop and run or burying the wire at least a foot into the ground, all the way around.

How To Find Out More

No doubt you are ready to find out more about these amazing chicken coop plans I have been going on about. So, before I give you the two websites, just let me tell you what all will come with your package download…

First you will get an incredible E-Book called Building A Chicken Coop that is filled with everything you ever wanted to know about how to build a chicken coop, but didn’t know who to ask…

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It also comes with enough plans to build either a small chicken coop, medium size chicken coop, a large chicken coop, a house coop, a chicken barn, a Hampton coop plan, and the developer of all this great material, chicken coop plans.


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