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Whether you live in the city or the country, if you are going to have chickens you need somewhere for them to be able to “stretch their legs.” Even if you live in the country and have a huge back yard, you still need a chicken run for your hens to protect them from predators…

City dwellers may only have to worry about dogs and cats getting a hold of their chickens, oh and not to mention predator birds, but country folk also have to worry about dogs and cats along with raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, in some cases wolves, predator birds like hawks and owls that prey upon chickens.

One case in point was when I first started keeping chickens for their fresh, delicious eggs.

I started out with 6 hens in a large chicken coop and figuring that I had such a big back yard, it would be OK for me to let them out in the yard as long as I stayed out there with them.

So, one day while I was laying out in the sun, I decided to let the hens go to roam around in the yard and eat bugs.

All I can say is that the hawk must have been watching because it was only moments later that I heard the scream of my hens and looked up to see a hawk fly away with two of my hens!!!

I immediately rounded up the remaining four and set about searching the internet for chicken runs.

Thankfully, I Finally Stumbled Upon This Page!

After what seemed like months of searching, I finally stumbled upon this page.

I am so thankful for having found this page! Before I had downloaded several free plans to build a chicken run, but they ended up being incomplete, or very little instructions, or plenty of instructions and no photos, but this page has all that and more…

Personal Tip #1: Size of the Run

A chicken run can be most any size. They can completely encircle the chicken coop, they can be attached to only one side, they can also be one that can be detached and moved to a different side of the coop.

The point is, you have to protect your birds so that means the chicken run must have not only a top, but also a bottom.

The bottom is to keep predators from digging underneath the run. The top is to keep predatory birds from getting in and your chickens from flying out. Chickens cannot fly very high or for very long, but they have been known to fly as high as tree limbs to roost so, put a lid on the run.

Personal Tip #2: Material for the Chicken Run

Material is important because not only are you trying to keep the chickens in, you are also trying to keep predators out.

That said, do not use “chicken wire,” you know the kind that has big holes and is very flimsy.

Use hardware cloth all the way around. Hardware cloth is sturdy and much more difficult for predators to get through, plus snakes will not be able to get in and eat your chickens or the eggs.

The frame of the run can be either 2X4 lumber or you can use 4″ PVC pipe.

Pipe is lightweight and would make the run easier to move to different locations whereas lumber is heavier plus, because you cannot use treated lumber, the lumber you use will eventually rot.

Next Step: Find Out More!

By now I am sure you are wanting to know how to get the incredible plans that allowed me to build the best chicken run ever…

Here is the 2 best websites online I found:

Here you can get the plans to build a chicken run as well as the book Building A Chicken Coop, 4 additional books related to chicken coops and runs and another 4 books about organic gardening.

Click Here To Find Out More!!!

The plans are very detailed with lots of photos, instructions and a materials list.



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