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coop designsIf you are looking for chicken coop designs and have scoured the internet in search, you have stumbled upon the right place.

As you are probably already aware of, there are a plethora of chicken coop designs on the internet, some for free download, some you have to pay a small fee.

By the time you finish reading THIS article, you will know that you have finally found the right place.

Whether you have children or not, building a chicken coop can be a fun project for you by yourself or with your loved ones helping…

IMPORTANT: Read First!

Depending on where you live, purchase designs and before you go running to the store to buy all the material for your chicken coop, check your county ordinances to make sure it is legal for you to have a chicken coop in your backyard.

Also, if you live in a neighborhood, you will need to check with the neighborhood association to see if a chicken coop is permitted.

Once you make sure all is ok, then you will be free to purchase those designs and materials, and get busy on that chicken coop.

No doubt, you have already found many beautiful designs and you may have already downloaded them only to find them to either be way to difficult or without enough instructions. Also no doubt, this has been both frustrating and disappointing for you and your family.

Now You Can Relax Because You Have Found the Perfect Designs!

You can thank your lucky stars that you found this page for now you can get the designs you need to build a chicken coop and they will be very detailed and with plenty of instructions.

You and your family will have a lot of fun and a lot of bonding time while building one of these chicken coops. The designs found on this link are some of the very best on the internet, you will not be disappointed! It will not matter if you are a carpenter or someone who has never picked up a hammer.

The link will take you to the website of Bill Keene, who has put a LOT of time and energy into developing these designs. These designs are all full color, include a materials list and very detailed instructions.

Along with the six designs, you will also get an incredible book entitled “Building a Chicken Coop,” (four additional bonus books having to do with different aspects of building a chicken coop and a fifth bonus of four additional organic gardening books. And, all this for under $30 bucks!)

This writer was not aware at the time, but these designs are the most popular on the internet, and Many people have already downloaded them…


Personal Tip #1:

Whether you live in the country or the city, you should be aware that unless you use these designs and build your chicken out of sturdy materials and wire, the chicken may draw predator animals; animals that prey on chickens.

This problem can be easily solved by just making sure your chicken coop is secure, possibly getting a guard dog or train a dog you already have to keep your chickens safe, or using several strands of electric wire fencing around the coop to alert you of predators as well as drive them away.

There are also ultrasonic devices you can get that produce a high pitched noise only animals can hear, placed facing away from  the coop that will drive away any predators.

Personal Tip #2:

Before you pick the design you want to use, decide how many chickens you will want to keep, and keep in mind that you can start out small and begin to love it so much you will want to get more chickens…

With this in mind, plan for the future and pick a design that is a little bigger. Also consider that each chicken will require about 3 sq. feet of space, otherwise they may peck at one another.

Also remember to put both a wire as well as a hard roof over both the house and the chicken run. That way they will be protected from the elements and any flying predators like Eagles and Hawks…

What Are You Waiting For??

Spring has sprung in most parts of the US and the world, so what are you waiting for?

That chicken coop will not get built if you continue to search the internet in vain for something better. There are no designs better and there is no deal better than the one you have found here today.

We want to thank you very much for reading and we do hope the tips given help you in your quest.

Raising backyard chickens is becoming a very popular trend and has pretty much taken the US by storm…

If all this is not enough, Bill Keene has even offered a 60 day risk free trial so that you will know beyond any doubt that your investment is risk free.


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