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Who is Bill Keene? A genius when it comes to raising chickens in the backyard.

He is also a genius at creating a step by step guide about how you can build your own chicken coop and how to take care of the chickens. Since he has had many years of experience in the poultry industry, he can draw on this experience.

Bill has made his guide easy enough that a beginners can easily build a chicken coop as just a weekend project. Those who have advanced carpentry skills will be in awe at the details of each plan.

You might think that building a chicken coop is a daunting task, but Bill Keene’s methods and plans make it a fulfilling and fun project the whole family can get in on. You may think of all the complex tools it will take to build such a structure, but Bill has made it so you can use the simplest of tools.

Not only will it be fun to build the coop, but if you have children, you can teach them how to care for and feed the chickens, and how to collect the daily fresh organic eggs. In Bills quest to make his plans equally accessible and easy to use for the beginner who has never picked up a hammer as well as the novice carpenter, he wrote his plans in simple easy to understand terms.

All this and much more is included in Bill’s Building A Chicken Coop guide e-book and all the bonuses that come with the package.

The bonuses that his package come with includes 4 e-books relating to building chicken coops and caring for chickens, 4 more e-books relating to organic gardening an additional e-book about poultry architect. Besides the bonuses and the e-book guide, the package also comes with plans to build a small chicken coop, a medium chicken coop, a large chicken coop, a chicken barn, a chicken house, a chicken Hampton house and Bills own chicken coop plans.

That is an incredible package for less than $30 bucks! And Bill also gives a risk free, 60 day money back guarantee!

That means he gives you plenty of time to build more than one of his chicken coops and access to download the plans as many times as you need to! I was in the process of building the medium chicken coop when part of the plans dropped to the ground and landed in a water puddle. I was upset until I remembered that all I had to do is access the plans again and print out the page I needed.

No other plans that I ever purchased and downloaded ever gave me that option! For anyone who is looking for plans to build a backyard chicken coop, I highly recommend that you click on the Building A Chicken Coop link and purchase this package.

Click Here To Check Out Building A Chicken Coop Guide

Bill Keene obviously knows what he is talking about and you will not be disappointed. You and your family will have a ball building the coop and taking care of the chickens, plus you will never have to buy store bought eggs again, but will always enjoy a fresh supply of eggs right out of the chicken, right in your backyard.

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