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Setting Up an A-frame Chicken Coop
A chicken coop in your yard should be built for security and convenience. Save money by breeding chickens and creating free eggs. The A-frame chicken coop is made in a triangular shape and can be made within hours. Whether you want to buy or create this coop, know about the details of it beforehand. In the beginning, make sure that your yard is suitable for this coop. It may be simpler to create [...]
Building A Chicken Coop Review
If you are looking for a review about the, pros and cons of building a chicken coop, (from - Bill Keene ) you have come to the right place... In the time it takes you to read this article, you will learn some of why you should build a chicken coop, and what the benefits are of having one. It is recommended that you read all the way to the very end so you will not miss any important facts that could [...]
Building a Chicken Coop is Necessary for Happy Chickens
Raising chickens can offer a myriad of advantages and opportunities for people. Due to the relaxing of restrictions surrounding previously outlawed urban locations, more people can enjoy raising chickens than ever before. Many people who live in cities, as well as those more rurally located, can now look forward to having chickens of their own. Advantages of Raising Chickens The advantages of [...]
Bill Keene
Who is Bill Keene? A genius when it comes to raising chickens in the backyard. He is also a genius at creating a step by step guide about how you can build your own chicken coop and how to take care of the chickens. Since he has had many years of experience in the poultry industry, he can draw on this experience. Bill has made his guide easy enough that a beginners can easily build a chicken [...]
Chicken Coop Guides Review
Chicken coop guides provide a step by step guide on how to go about building a chicken coop for your poultry birds. The guides seek to enlighten the user on building a predator free and cheap coop from scratch without the need of being in possession of any background knowledge about the construction... The guides further strive to help one save on cash, time and energy by informing them of the [...]
David Hess – Chicken Coop
When looking for chicken coop plans one reviewer caught my eye. His name is David Hess. I do not know much about Mr Hess, but his review was short and sweet. It read “The chicken coop plans I got from you were great! They were easy to follow and the coop turned out to be the envy of all of my friends. I love my new hobby. Thanks so much for giving me every thing you promised.” Now I do not [...]
Happy Chickens with Innovative Chicken Waterer Plans
Putting water into a bowl for chickens generally is not a great idea. They tend to fill water dishes with dirt and feathers. If you want your birds to have clean water making or buying a chicken waterer is important. You will need to take into account several factors when selecting either a project to make one or the size you need to buy one. A good watering method will be automatic and free up time [...]
Types of Do it Yourself Chicken Feeders
If you want to raise chickens you are going to need a feeder. There are a number of types of feeders you can use, and of course chickens love to forage as well. If you do not have time to spread out feed every day, then a do-it-yourself automatic feeder is an option. There are different types of chicken feeders that can be made out of simple materials often for just a few dollars. These can work [...]
Chickens and Eggs
Farmers raise and keep chickens for multiple reasons. As livestock, chickens are very versatile. There is a high degree of variability in chicken breeds, including their utility to farmers and consumers. Some chicken breeds are indeed reared solely for the production of eggs. Raising chickens for eggs is a far more intricate process than it appears to be at first glance. There are many factors [...]
Different Varieties of Chickens
Many people tend to think of chickens as being fairly uniform. When picturing chickens, people will imagine a particular variety of chicken, which will often represent the full category of chickens in their minds. Breeds of chickens are often not as well known to the general public as breeds of dogs, since people are more likely to keep dogs as pets, in a wider variety of environments. However, [...]
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